Behold…Woman. Bodyscapism Boudoir Photography 2019 Campaign

Woman Take Charge

We’re kicking off 2019 with our Behold…Woman Campaign. I couldn’t be more excited about all of the work that has gone into this celebration of woman.

I see a lot of chatter across the interwebs about Empowering Women and female empowerment. The intent is wonderful. However, empowerment suggests that someone must give you power, authority, or dominion. Behold…Woman takes a counterpoint to that perspective—Woman is Self-empowered.

Power comes from within. No one can give it to you. You assume it. Take authority. Behold…Woman is for women taking authority in the situations in their lives.

Behold…Woman Video

This video is the first of four in this series. Over the course of the year, we reveal more stories, movies, and experiences that tell the Behold…Woman story across all of our boudoir photography and intimate portraiture work.

Enjoy the video and follow us on https://fb.me/bodyscapism to see the story unfold daily.

In the meantime, it’s time to start the #GirlTakeover!!

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