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Bodyscapism Art Collections

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Bodyscapism is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed and shared for generations. With that perspective, we begin each portrait session with the final print art collection in mind. From consult to collection, Bodyscapism embodies a contemporary luxury aesthetic for gallery wall prints, designer portrait albums, and our unique VR Boudoir Collection.

Contemporary Wall Art

Specializing in Metal and Acrylic Prints

Your home or office gallery will be transformed with your portraits from the Bodyscapism Art Collection. The dramatic style of Bodyscapism photography finds is native home in metal and acrylic style prints. These contemporary style portraits provide years of protection from the rigors of sunlight and atmosphere that other mediums succumb to the ravages of time. Your portraits will immediately catch the eyes of your loved one and guests and keep them compelled for some time. Experience Bodyscapism.


Your intimate fine art portraiture and fitness photography is always created using the latest generation professional cameras, lenses, lighting, and gear. You can select still and motion photography for your collection when you Experience Bodyscapism.

Feature Film

Movie production and filmmaking will elevate your art collection with motion photography. These 4K film shorts can range from from an intimate feature film to a Hollywood-style behind-the-scenes making of your art collection.

Heirloom-Quality Prints

Bodyscapism is a full-service photographic and creative atelier. That means that we ensure that the colors in your still and motion photography are corrected and consistent from camera to final print.

Pro Retouching

Our stylists are going to make you look grand in-camera. Your final images will be professional retouched and given Cam Evans' Signature Look so that you have a collection that inspires awe for generations.

More Portrait Options

- In-House and Lab Prints -

When you Experience Bodyscapism, you can upgrade your collection with our in-house fine art prints for your more provocative portraits. Our professional labs are both local and national to provide a mixture of options for the Bodyscapism Art Collection that reflects our brand and intimate portraiture style. This provides you with a host of options that are too numerous to list. You can see a full brochure of print options during your initial consultation.


Your Bodyscapism Episode is crafted to blend your tastes with Cam's Signature Style. Each experience is new and unique.


The primary mission is to facilitate a space for you to be confident, comfortable, and courageous.  Period.


Bodyscapism draws inspiration from iconic brands; so that you experience grandeur from the consult to collection.


Earning your trust to create memories of crucial episodes in your life is a privilege we don't take for granted.

Designer Albums and Pictorial Magazines

Experience Bodyscapism in your Hands

Wall Art will always be a great showcase on your Transcended Beauty from a distance. The up-close and personal experience is always with a custom-designed album or high-end magazine pictorial. When you Experience Bodyscapism, you will have an array of print options that provide a unique measure of discretion for your portraiture and the intimacy of a great book. Learn more at your consultation.