Glamour Re-Imagined

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    Glamour Re-Imagined

Glamour Re-Imagined

I love that our ideal of beauty and glamour has changed over the centuries. That gives us the assurance, it can and will change again.

Beautiful is Different

As portrait photographer, I can't tell you how many things people have beauty hangups about themselves. It doesn't matter if the subject of a shoot is a client or a professional model, everyone sees their own features and beauty differently.

In the BuzzFeedVideo, the "so-called" standards of beauty have morphed back and forth from one body type to another other the years. Today, we see science play a major part in allowing women and men to physically alter their bodies to reach a desired look.

With all that in mind, when it comes to Glamour Photography, you already have the ideal body type--the one you woke up with this morning. My style of portraiture is not to take away what time, experiences, and genetics have given you freely. I want to share that story in all of its grandeur to create something unexpected and absolutely beautiful.

While none of us can live in the eras that our beauty may have been in vogue. Being you never goes out of style.

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