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Everybody's going through something ...the operative phrase is "going through" not staying. — Cam Evans

Cam’s Ism

It’s never lost of me that as humans we all struggle. Regardless of our socioeconomic status, there is something ever present that creates a challenge for us to endure and overcome.  I’ve noticed what may seem petty or trivial to someone, can be insurmountable to another person. It’s always best to reserve judgement about someone else’s struggles and render aid when your time and resources are available and requested.

For folks used to being challenged, they may look as if nothing ever bothers them. They’ve learn to fight their battles in secret and let the victories tell the tale. In our social media-laden culture, many folks struggle openly in their posts and status updates. Sometimes the advert of her struggle is transparent. Other times, it can be masked in innuendo and off-hand comments. It takes deep empathy and emotional intelligence to detect whether a friend, colleague, client, or partner is thriving in, surviving on, or succumbing to chaos in their life. It helps to ask.

Whether we rise or fall with each challenge, I encourage you to keep going. In my own life and in those of people I admire most, I have observed an internal metamorphosis when we become resilient to adversity. A quickening in their spirit. Crazy shit always happens to the best of us regardless of our intentions. Building your resilience to crazy shit will allow you to overcome adversity faster and triumph more often.

Before you say, “that’s much easier said that done,” allow me to counsel you that everything that requires your greatness will take practice. Life requires your greatness.



Get Up.

Keep Going.

Don’t Stop.



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