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Once again, thank you for choosing to Experience Bodyscapism.

We recognize that no matter how much time is spent putting content on a website, sometimes you need a little help finding information and getting answers to your most pressing questions. For that reason and more, welcome to Bodyscapism Concierge.

Here you can find our boutique policies, print-ready resources, and so much more. This content is refreshed as new offerings are announced and services change.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send a note to get the direct answer you're seeking.

Bodyscapism Movement

The Movement is the hub for all of the Bodyscapism social media profiles in one location.

Bodyscapism Episode Guide

Download the Bodyscapism Guide to prepare for your intimate fine art portraiture episode.

Creating Liberty & Delight

a special note from Cam.

As a small, veteran-owned boutique, I think about how every decision, action, and word creates delight before, during, and after you Experience Bodyscapism. The only measurement of success is the degree of delight that I can create through art for you. I understand that each woman has a distinct reason for seeking an intimate portrait photographer. I empathize with those reasons and the need to find someone that you can be your true vulnerable self for this style of portraiture. It's the reason, why I emphasize that when you Experience Bodyscapism, you're experiencing true liberty through art. As the artist, I too share in your experience and I want to make it worth repeating as often as you desire.

—Cam Evans

For Photographers + Artists

Thanks for checking out the Bodyscapism™ Brand. If you're interested in learning more about intimate fine art photographer, building and running a creative business, or seeking Cam Evans as creative mentor, checkout our upcoming Soirée Calendar.

Additionally, you can visit our mother brand MADEGRANDBYCAM to get information on additional Workshops and Conferences.