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Enjoy the Journey

From my perspective, there's only one keyword in Intimate Fine Art Portraiture—it's Intimate.

That's the prologue. The last five years of my life are Oscar-worthy! The episodes have created a deeper empathy for people writing new chapters in their own story.

Before you consider having your intimate portrait made by anyone, it's important that he or she have a rich set of life-experiences, deep empathy for the seasons in life that prompt subtle or dramatic changes, and the emotional intelligence to stay tuned to you and your personal comfort. It's about the enjoying the journey of making portraiture that makes these creative episodes worthwhile.

That leads us to a simple and real question: "Do I want to spend this intimate time with Cam—making beautiful pictures?"

The answer: Only if you want to laugh, be the center of the universe, and feel fantastic in making your intimate portraiture—then the answer is "Yes, Cam! I'm ready for my journey into Bodyscapism!"


Naked and Unashamed

Genesis 2:25

Intimate Fine Art Portraiture is a remarkable genre of professional photography that celebrates and accentuates the human form as art. I see the human form as divine art. From my perspective, after creating Woman, God dropped the mic!

Bodyscapism is an artistic movement to lionize heaven's final masterpiece—Woman. All of my energies are invested in ensuring that you have a fun and guilt-free Bodyscapism episode that creates art that you'll love to share and a memory that you'll want to repeat for each stage of your life.

It's time to remember in the beginning, we were all Naked and Unashamed.

Bodyscapism Specialization

Still & Motion Photography

Apogee - Strength & Beauty

Transformation is a lifestyle choice. Celebrate your "strong is beautiful" life with Bodyscapism Apogee.

Intimate - Bath & Bodyscapism

Reconnect and rekindle your light with a one-of-a-kind, portrait milk bath or intimate, contemporary photography.

Art Au Naturel - Artistic Nudes

You are divine art. Discover just how priceless you truly art.


For the beautifully bold soul, discover Provocatography™. Awaken your feminine grandeur with an OMFG portrait collection.

Gaia - Maternity + Motherhood

Motherhood is the sweetest transformation of Womanhood. Keep your glow. Hang it on your wall.


the Bodyscapism journal

Learn more about Bodyscapism™ x Cam Evans by diving into Indulgence—the journal and pictorial for the movement.

Bodyscapism™ x CAM EVANS

There's so much more to Cam Evans. His creative mindset and inspired style can be seen across the social web. Dive into Indulgence to see what Cam is up to regularly on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Thank you for getting to know this soulful renaissance man. If you're lucky, you might get a chance to hear Cam sing.